Karvy Stock Broking Limited is part of KARVY Group; one of India's leading financial services company, renowned for its quality of investment advice. Karvy Stock Broking Limited offers customized investment solutions to corporate, institutions and individual investors, through its wide network of offices across India.

At Karvy we help you to construct a portfolio factoring in your risk profile and your future financial needs, so that your investments achieve an optimal balance between risk and returns.

Our comprehensive account helps you to approach various investment avenues in an integrated fashion, providing you the facility to transact with ease. So whether you want to trade in Equities, Derivatives , Currency or invest in IPOs, Mutual funds or NCDs, we have a combined account facility that caters to all these needs. This account also permits you to seamlessly integrate your movements of funds with ease through various payment gateways.

Our Product Classes

Equity offers you various options while trading in equities such as, Delivery, Day trading


Future & Options

This instrument provides a good leverage opportunity and is a great tool for speculation.



Currency Derivatives has also emerged as an important & new asset class for investors.



Commodities are goods that are normally used as inputs in production of other goods& services


Mutual Funds

We provide a platform to invest in Mutual funds in a hassle-free, simple and convenient manner


Exchange Trading Funds

Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs are securities that are traded, like individual stocks, on an exchange.


Margin Funding

The funds that brokerages arrange to finance investors’ share purchases.



An Initial Public offer (IPO) is the selling of securities to the public in the primary market.



Non-convertible debentures (NCDs) are debentures which cannot be converted into equities or shares


Fixed Deposits

Company fixed deposit is a deposit in company for a fixed rate of return over a fixed period of time.


Karvy Online Advantages


We are one of the largest and oldest equity broking houses in India with over 20 years of experience in the stock broking industry and distributors of varied products such as MF, IPO & NCD.

Quality Research Team

Having one of the best research desks in the industry, we regularly assist you in taking informed investment decisions. We provide various Fundamental, Technical, Derivatives and Intraday reports.

Expertise Advisory Services

We deliver advisory services to a cross-section of customers and are backed by a team of dedicated and expert professionals with varied experience and background in handling investment portfolios. They are continually engaged in designing the right investment portfolio for each customer according to individual needs and budget considerations. Our comprehensive support system focuses on trading customer’s portfolios and provide valuable inputs, monitoring and managing the portfolio through varied technological initiatives. This is made possible by the expertise we have gained in the business over the years.

Wide range of Products

Share trading in both NSE and BSE, innovative offerings like Cover order, Basket Order, Bracket Order, Smart order routing, Market order, Limit order, After market order (AMO), Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST). Derivatives trading, Currency trading, Mutual funds, IPOs & NCD.

Premium Subscription plans

Karvy offers clients the choice of flexible brokerage plans which are either “pay as you go” or “Premium subscriptionplans” and treating themselves with various Value added services by paying an upfront fee. We have various options available with the client to choose a plan based on his needs and requirements.

Loan for Purchase of Securities/IPO

Is a facility that provides you a loan against securities to meet your liquidity requirements without actually selling the securities. Loan facility is available to Individuals as well as Corporate clients. Our NBFC arm can provide funding for purchase of Securities through secondary Market or fund your application in IPO. Loan for purchase of securities provided through “Karvy Financial Services”.

Robust Technology Platform

We provide one of the easiest and most user-friendly online trading platforms in industry. which is our improved platform with never seen before features. This also offers clients the benefit of trading in equities, derivatives, currencies, commodities, bonds, NCD’s, IPO’s, and mutual funds – all under one roof.

Ask the Expert online

Daily Live informative chat with our expert Research Head for views on stock and equity market from morning 7 am to night 11 pm. Please click here to know more. Now Available on the Go on your own device.

Ease of fund transferability

Our simple, safe and secure payment gateway gets you instant limits on the amount transferred. Our tie-up with over 26 banks, it is very convenient and hassle free as well.

Portfolio Tracker

Our smart tracking tool enables you to conveniently track your investment portfolio. It helps you examine your investments 24x7 and makes information easy-to-understand and faster to act upon. Please click here to track your investments

Investor Awareness Programs (IAP)

Karvy regularly conducts IAP programs in different locations which allows investors to directly interact with market experts from different sectors to know more about various investment options available in stock market.

Timely communication

Daily Communication of research reports and Timely transition updates through SMS/Emails.

Open an account with Karvy and experience the new world of online investment. Please click here for online account opening.

Karvy offers clients the benefit of various ways to trade

Through an Online portal

Through a Desktop Application To Download Nest Trader Application click here

Through Mobile App To Download Mobile App Andriod ,Windows

Through a team of dedicated equity advisors present at your local branch

Call & Trade facility - On 1800 419 8283 (Toll free) for execution of transactions